Senior Year College Planning Checklist


  • Look your schedule over carefully! Check with your counselor to be sure you are filling all graduation requirements. You must sign the "senior credit check." Take the most demanding courses you can handle. This is your last free year of education. Make the most of it!
  • Throughout the year, stay informed of what is happening in the school counseling office–scholarship information, college/military rep visits, etc.–through daily announcements and guidance bulletin boards.
  • Make an appointment with your counselor to discuss your future plans.
  • Use CAREER CRUISING, NAVIANCE, COLLEGE BOARD to research careers, colleges and scholarship information.
  • Arrange for college tours and interviews. 
  • Talk to college and/or military reps who visit Kennett .
  • Determine, with your counselor's input, which college entrance exams you need and sign up for the appropriate dates (SAT, SAT Subject Test, and/or ACT).
  • CSS Profile registration (used in addition to the FAFSA by many private colleges for determining financial need) accepted after September 15th.


  • Continue researching and visiting colleges and talking to college and/or military reps.
  • Send for applications or find them on the college’s websites and begin to work on them. Keep track of deadlines, especially if applying early decision.


  • Continue researching and visiting colleges and talking to college/military reps. Work on applications. Deadline for early decision is generally mid-November. Allow two weeks for the school counseling office to process your applications!
  • If a college requires individual teacher recommendations, give them to the appropriate teachers along with stamped, addressed envelopes.
  • Pick up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) worksheet or log on to their website to prepare to apply.


  • Most students should have made final decisions about where they will apply. Your life (and that of your counselor) will be easier if your applications are in the mail before Christmas vacation! Remember, applications must be into the counseling office 2 weeks before due date.
  • Attend, with your parents, Financial Aid Night.


  • Complete the FAFSA (actually your parents' responsibility, but you can help!) 
  • Complete any other required financial aid forms.


  • Deadline for Profile registration is Feb. 1st!


  • Colleges notify applicants of acceptance/rejection.
  • Once you have your financial aid packages, reply to all colleges that have accepted you. 
  • Notify the counseling office of your final college choice.


  • Applicant reply date is May 1. If you received no acceptances, see your counselor to discuss options.