Absent/Tardy Reporting

Absence Line:  356-4343  ext. 5005

Absence Email:  khsattendance@sau9.org


(Please refer to your Student Handbook for the complete Attendance Policies and Procedures)


We hold high expectations for our students and expect them to attend all classes every day so that the most meaningful and interactive teaching and learning is able to take place. In addition, the State of New Hampshire requires that each student between the ages of 6 and 18 attend school each day school is in session, except when the student’s physical or mental condition prevents attending (RSA 193.1). Although we encourage all students to strive for perfect attendance, we realize that situations and conditions might arise which necessitate a student’s absence for the entire day, or for a portion of a day.


o Class Attendance is taken by the teacher within the first 15 minutes of each class
o Daily school attendance is derived from the Block 1 Class Attendance and adjusted as needed by the administrative assistants to accurately reflect students’ entries and dismissals
o Students should report to their block 1 class at 7:30 AM daily, and at 8:05 AM on Thursdays
o Students not in attendance for the class will be marked as truant if parental or administrative excuse has not been determined
(see full policy JH – Attendance, Absenteeism and Truancy in Appendix)

The Board requires that school-aged children enrolled in the District attend school in accordance with all applicable state laws and School Board policies. Attendance shall be required during the days and hours that school is in session, except that the Principal or his/her designee may excuse a student for temporary absences when receiving satisfactory evidence of conditions or reasons that may reasonably cause the student’s absence.

The Board considers the following to be excused absences:

1. Illness
2. Recovery from an accident
3. Required court attendance
4. Medical and dental appointments
5. Death in the immediate family
6. Observation or celebration of a bona fide religious holiday
7. Such other good cause as may be acceptable to the Principal or his/her designee or permitted by law
Any absence that has not been excused for any of these reasons will be considered an unexcused absence or truancy.


Generally, absences during the school year are discouraged. The Principal or his/her designee may, however, grant approval of absence for family vacations/educational opportunities, provided a written request is submitted at least two weeks in advance to the Vice Principal’s office. This advance planning will allow the teacher enough time to work with parents and the student regarding work completion.

For absences extending beyond one month, parents must contact the Principal at least 30 days prior in order for alternative educational plans to be developed.


A written request, signed by the parent/guardian, or a phone call from the parent/guardian, should be received in the attendance office by 9:30 am for any student wishing to be dismissed early during the school day. The following information must be included:

o A specific reason for the dismissal.
o Time and date of the dismissal.
o When or if the student will return to school.
o Parent signature.

If you need to dismiss your child unexpectedly, please call the Vice-Principal’s office (356-4343).


Kennett High School students are expected to be in school and in class on time.


Students entering the class after the bell has rung will be marked TARDY by the teacher. The teacher and/or school administration will assign consequences when deemed necessary.


Except for students who have earned Senior Privileges, all students are expected to be in school for all classes, reading blocks, study halls, tutorials and other scheduled academic activities. Students entering school after school has begun must receive a tardy slip from the attendance office and hand it to their teacher upon entering class.

Students are permitted two (2) unexcused tardies per quarter. Disciplinary consequences begin with the third unexcused tardy and additional disciplinary consequences occur with every subsequent third tardy for the remainder of the quarter (ie. 6, 9 … etc).

Parents may excuse one (1) tardy per quarter (i.e. family emergency). A signed note should be sent in with the student explaining the reason for the school tardy.

A tardy will be excused for health / medical related circumstances and other official appointments (i.e. court appearances) when the attendance office is provided with a note from a medical provider or court documentation upon the student’s return to school.

All other requests to excuse a tardy will require approval from the attendance office or an administrator.

Habitually tardy students who drive themselves to school may have their parking privileges suspended for the remainder of the school year and their parking space reassigned to a student on the wait list. If their attendance improves, their name will be added to the wait list and considered for a parking space.

At the beginning of each quarter, the attendance cycle will start again.